Houstonians for Responsible Growt

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Our Mission

Houstonians for Responsible Growth (HRG): An Introduction

HRG’s mission is to work with elected officials and the public to preserve the policies and principles that have made Houston one of the most affordable and successful major cities in the world. HRG organized in response to a significant number of proposals by the City of Houston proposing stringent land-use controls. Our broad based membership includes land and property owners, architects and engineers, home builders, developers of commercial properties and residential communities, Realtors, attorneys, bankers, community leaders, and many others who understand that Houston’s history of rejecting heavy-handed land use restrictions, including zoning, has been a key element to our city’s prosperity.

Our Leadership

Kendall Miller
Tanglewood Corporation

Vice President
Bill Huntsinger
Huntsinger Consulting

Brian Austin
Alliance Communities

PAC Treasurer
Steve Sweet
Alliance Communities


Bob Boozer
Landev Engineers

Janice Jamail-Garvis
Jamail Real Estate, Inc

Jim Gustafson
Gustafson Group

Stephanie Macey
Macey Family Properties

Ricardo Rivas
Allied Realty

Mark Witte
J A Billipp Company

Mike Wyatt
Core Real Estate

Laolu Davies Yemitan
Five Woods

Our Philosophy

HRG recognizes that market forces and private property rights are the foundations of a successful land use policy, supported by prudent infrastructure planning for the expenditure of public funds by local government. HRG rejects the idea that planning should unduly restrict the use of private property. We believe the market should determine growth with our local government supporting consumer choices – not the other way around.

Advocates for Progress

With a small and dedicated staff and many active volunteers serving in leadership positions, HRG made possible initiatives to fairly evaluate the impact of various land-use proposals and brought about a healthy and needed dialogue on core principles with elected officials and the public. Initially HRG engaged City Hall in land-use discussions through participation in public hearings, City Council meetings and City-led stakeholder meetings. HRG then enlisted the advice of local and national experts and worked with affiliated trade organizations to establish a public voice through editorials, television and radio appearances to bring into better focus the enormous benefits we enjoy because of Houston’s historic approach to growth. Houston has historically responded to consumer preferences and opposed the distortions that are created by top–down government decree.
Additionally, HRG created an affiliated political action committee to promote candidates and incumbents who support Houston’s historical approach to growth.

Why Your Support is Important

Financial and volunteer support of HRG allows the organization to continue to develop market and academic research, maintain dialog with the public and city leaders, and send a clear message that abandoning Houston’s successful model of urban development would undermine and even reverse our record of affordability, job growth, economic development, and consumer choice. Since 1929 there have been periodic attempts to saddle Houston with the same failed land use controls that have damaged the economies of many other major American cities. Your support allows HRG to broaden our base even further and to provide the means to educate and to act forcefully in both the public policy and political arenas.

Why Our Work is Important to You

Houston’s record of progress is evidenced by a strong employment base, economic growth and opportunity, and a more affordable and attractive cost of living than any other major city in America. National and international scholars, the Federal Reserve Bank, as well as the national media, have cited the absence of zoning and the lack of heavy-handed centralized land use controls as one of the major reasons for Houston’s widely recognized success.

HRG believes in the strong enforcement—and improvement—of neighborhood deed restrictions, the most local form of government, and in the full disclosure to prospective buyers of the potential for future growth and development. And HRG believes that a well-informed Houston public will continue to reject excessive governmental control of private property.

HRG stands strong and resolute against the often well-intentioned but ill-considered public policy proposals that have backfired on other major American cities over the past 100 years. Without our continued strong advocacy and coordination with other like-minded organizations, Houston’s unique character as the city that “got it right” is in real danger of “getting it wrong”.

We got it right by letting our free market work. We must not allow Houston to regress under the weight of policies that attempt to substitute government control for the strong record of citizen choices. With your support, HRG will continue to provide the public and our elected officials with research and information that clearly shows that Houston’s approach to development has been a major catalyst for our healthy economic climate and the robust job creation which continues to set Houston apart and which defines Houston as the leading American “opportunity city”.