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Houston gets high marks on housing affordability study

Houston has the eighth-most affordable housing out of the Top 50 major metropolitan areas in the U.S. and is second in Texas behind San Antonio, according to a new study by Bizjournals.

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Watch Video from our "Land Use in Houston" Forum

Below are videos from each of the speakers at from the "Land Use in Houston: Two Different Approaches" Forum we sponsored on February 26th at the George R. Brown Convention Center. We want to thank everyone who attended for making the event such a success.

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UW study: Rules add $200,000 to Seattle house price

Backed by studies showing that middle-class Seattle residents can no longer afford the city's middle-class homes, consensus is growing that prices are too darned high. But why are they so high?

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No 'spot zoning by ordinance'

Regarding Sunday's City and State cover article "Would more housing rules raise costs? / Some say Houston prices would jump; others say quality of life is bigger": A certain neighborhood wishes to limit the scale of a certain project. The city administration is trying to pass a narrow ordinance that limits density indirectly through a new cumbersome mobility analysis process. It is not clear it will be free of discretion on the part of the city or predictable for land owners. It will simply lead to expensive negotiations with the city. Once the ordinance is on the books, there will be pressure to expand its impact on a permit by permit basis. The ordinance will probably not arrive in time to affect the project that inspired it.

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Don't hobble Houston with land planning

Houston is the freest major city in America, with no zoning and only moderate government intrusions into how property owners use their land. This freedom has made Houston the most affordable major city in America, with housing costs that are less than half of most other major urban areas. This freedom has also created an innovative and growth-friendly environment that is creating tens of thousands of new jobs each year.

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Houston land policy fosters homeownership

Houston remains a city of opportunity.

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Houston Business—A Perspective on the Houston Economy

Neither Boom nor Bust: How Houston’s Housing Market Differs from Nation’s

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Flocking from SoCal to Houston

HOUSTON -- Lan Nguyen had dreamed of owning a house since she immigrated to Southern California from Vietnam 11 years ago. But she and her husband could never scrounge up enough money for a down payment, spending most of their paychecks on rent for a cramped Garden Grove apartment.

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