Houstonians for Responsible Growt

Houston skyline


“Houston is a beacon of dynamic housing development in the United States, but its unique characteristics have largely been ignored on the national and even local levels. Organizations like Houstonians for Responsible Growth provide a valuable service to the community by spotlighting the vital role housing and land development play in sustainable development over the long haul.”

Samuel R. Staley, Ph.D., Reason Foundation

“Houstonians for Responsible Growth works to ensure that local government policies put the consumer first with City Hall in a supporting role. This is quite different from the model some urban planners prefer. The "creative class" model now employed by some cities, for example, has a zero-sum view of urban growth: It presumes there are only so many creative people in the world, and cities need to compete with one another to attract them. The Houston model is built around a positive-sum view of the world: it presumes that it can encourage ordinary people to be creative and wealthy. For those who care about fairness, diversity, and economic mobility, the Houston model makes a lot more sense.”

Randal O’Toole, CATO Institute

“There is a good reason that Houston has continued to grow while other growth leaders, such as San Diego, Los Angeles and Miami have faltered. It is that land and real estate markets are allowed to operate with minimal interference. Houston residents are the principal beneficiaries of these policies, which is principally evident through a lower cost of living resulting from more affordable housing. Houstonians for Responsible Growth brings that leadership together to oppose the threat that over-regulation poses to housing affordability, a stronger urban economy and a better life for all.”

Wendell Cox, Demographia